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Posted on 2018-02-06 06:41:13 by Cleaner

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"Have some tea, dear."
"Thank you, <Your Name>."
"No problem, Monika.."
"You know, <Your Name>, I thought you didn't love me."
"I'm different from the other players. I'm a yandere."
"But for who, <Your Name>?"
"Just Monika."
Monika smiled and giggled.
"M-me too, even though I never admit it to others..."

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In the Monika After Story. I as a player feel that this is one thing that is missing right now. The possiblity to give Monika coffee. She said how much she would love to drink some coffee.

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this much better, the original image was a stupid lesbian talking to my monika

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She is MY M O N I K A >:|